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Everything’s got to end sometime; otherwise nothing would ever get started.

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A lot of my friends ask to touch my head. I just stand there and get stroked for five minutes. It’s a free massage.

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Wanting something, putting all my energy toward it, working hard and following through. New things I never knew I could do. Commitment. Making somebody laugh — there’s no better feeling than that.

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Peter Capaldi - The Sunday Times photoshoot

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Because of my hair I rarely, rarely get recognized, but I was in America, in L.A., a couple of weeks ago and I was in a lift in a department store and the doors opened and this woman stood there, looked at me and just went, “Khaleesi!” and then the doors closed! So that was mental and bizarre and rarely happens but when it does it’s normally on that kind of crazy scale.

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My blood soaked programme from yesterday’s Matinee of Richard III, although most of the blood went on my face! Front row seats were definitely worth the money, we were never more than 6 feet away from the actors. I could write so much about how the brilliant the cast were, of course helmed by Martin who was outstanding. It is scarily true how he can say a thousand words with a facial expression, never have I seen an actor who can say so much by saying so little. Didn’t get to meet the man himself as he isn’t making afternoon stage door appearances but I did meet cast members who were lovely and humble and deserve all the praise that they get! Brilliant production, a must see :)